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About Us

The Company

Profold was founded in 2021 by Joe Wild and Sam Maxwell to manufacture precision components and flashings initially for the metal roofing and wall cladding sector.

Our automated double bending folder enables us to manufacture products of highest quality at a substantial scale, whilst also focusing on crafting complex custom flashings.

Product Development

We can work with our customers to optimise the design of components to enable the manufacture in automation mode and therefore speed up production of high volume runs which in turn reduces cost.

We can custom manufacture any flat sheet metal components in thicknesses up to .95mm and 2.0mm Aluminium, up to 6m long.

Call us with your specific requirements and we will endeavour to find a solution.


We work with the environment in mind. We have a metal recycling program and have begun a recycling program for the film on metal flashings. Our factory is light by full colour spectrum LED lighting to save energy and give our team full colour rendition, not dreary yellow light.

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